Do you know what will happen if you cover your teeth with aluminum foil? Hold them for an hour and see the amazing results

You probably all know that whitening does not work equally on all teeth. The whitening may be invisible if your teeth are gray, and if you have yellowish teeth the whitening will be visible.

Many kinds of toothpaste contain smaller amounts of carbamide peroxide. These small amounts are abrasive particles which mechanically clean the teeth and slide on the tooth enamel.

But you can make a natural toothpaste to whiten your teeth. Here is the procedure.

You need to mix a little bit of baking soda with a regular toothpaste and then take the aluminum foil and fold it in a tape-like form. You need to make sure to adjust the width and the length of the foil so that it can fit your teeth.

You need to apply the previously made toothpaste on the foil and place it on your teeth and keep it on them for about an hour. After an hour passes, you need to remove the foil and rinse your teeth.

If you want more visible results, repeat this procedure twice a week. This toothpaste will whiten your teeth in no time, and the first results will be visible after a few days.

There aren’t any side effects, but dentists do not recommend this toothpaste for using it too much because it may destroy your tooth enamel.

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