Scientists reveal what the shape of your lips says about you

The lips are one of the most important features to which you have to pay attention if you want to determine the character of a person.

While we express our thoughts verbally we reveal something of our character and psychological peculiarities.

Large puffy lips

People who possess large puffy lips were made to look after someone. You’ve probably spent a lot of time feeding stray kittens or helping at animals’ shelters when you were little. The shape of your lips means that you have an innate and strong maternal instinct and you have a desire to safeguard and protect others. When you find yourself in a stressful situation, the first you think of are all the other people and then about yourself. People who are like this are the best parents.

The upper lip is larger than the lower one

The person who has these lips is a drama queen. The person may be emotional, charismatic, or he may love life, and they may draw attention to themselves. Their opinion of themselves is high and they also have the ability to draw others to them, because they love being the center of attention. The funniest joke will always come from these people.

The lower lip is larger than the upper one

These people are not born to do office work and they know what it means to have fun. They are in need of an energetic lifestyle, new acquaintances, new places to visit, and new impressions. They are curious, sociable, and are open to anything that is new. They will lead people along with themselves on the path to new adventures.

Ordinary lips

People who have ordinary lips have a balanced, common-sense approach when it comes to resolving a task placed in front of them. They have the ability to listen to others and take criticism lightly, but they treat the opinions of others with respect. Do not try to make them mad because you won’t succeed in that. They do have iron-clad stoicism, but they love to laugh and joke, and if you ask them if the glass is half full or half empty, their answer would always be half full.

Thin lips

People with this shape of lips are loners and they like that. They are self-reliant people and if they have any problem, they will easily cope with it. They do not have any need of company when they want to visit a museum or when going on holiday to distant islands. But regardless of their love of solitude, they still want to sit at home with a group of people because they quickly find a common language with them and they value the actions of other people.

An upper lip with a sharp philtrum

These people are 100% creative down to their fingertips, and they end up being talented artists or musicians. When it comes to recalling faces and names, these people have excellent memories and they maintain contact with everyone they know and are always aware of what is going on. They strive for self-expression in every form, they are sociable and in their work, they achieve good results.

An upper lip with a rounded philtrum

People who have these lips are compassionate, sensitive and kind, and if any misfortune is done, they become deeply upset and always find a time to help others. Their calling in life is to help the less fortunate and care for the whole world around themselves and people like these make the world go around.

An upper lip without a philtrum

People with this shape of lips are the most responsible and reliable and their motto is to get something done even if it hurts. The word “impossible” does not exist in their vocabulary and they don’t worry about deadlines because they do everything on time. These people when there is an outstanding problem they solve it in one go.

Small puffy lips

People who have small puffy lips are coquettish and mischievous and all they care about are their own feelings of comfort. No one will look after themselves if they don’t do it themselves. When you meet them for the first time, they seem to be selfish, but in fact, they are not, they can be compassionate and devoted friends, and they will come to your aid at a moment’s notice. They will never put their interests above others, but they also won’t do any harm to themselves and because of this, things almost always work out well for them.

A very thin upper lip

People who have very thin upper lip have unparalleled leadership qualities and are good at convincing others and know how to stick to their guns. They do not have blood pumping through their veins, they have a fire. They have guaranteed success and energy of life seems to flow out of them. They have one main principle in life, to be someone rather than to be with someone and because of this principle, they have difficulties in developing romantic relationships.


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