The way you hug your partner tells a lot about your personality

If you want to find out more about your personality, then all you need to do is analyze the way you hug your partner. The way you show your intimacy with her/him can define your love for them.

Is your way of hugging someone in a completely bound manner, or do you hug them partially? Here are some ways that can define that.

  1. Putting hand in partner’s pocket;

If you do this, then this shows that you are airy and adequate against your partner. What would the reason be for putting a hand in their pocket every time you hug, if not to check if there is a note in it from someone else?

  1. Looking directly into eyes;

This way of hugging shows that you are connected to your partner. And it also shows that you have accepted that the eyes of the person you are looking into are an authority of your universe.

  1. Putting arm across shoulder;

This means that the person you are hugging is more your friend rather than a partner and it is someone you can rely on.

  1. Giving a pat on the back;

This is also another sign of friendship and it is not a way to appetite any intimacy and it suggests that you are only friends, nothing more.

  1. Wrapping arms around waist;

This way of hugging someone’s backside or around waist shows that you tend to be protective and you want to show them that you will be there for them if they are upset about something.

  1. Hugging tightly.

Your way of hugging someone tightly suggests that you are afraid to lose them and you do not want to let them go. But if you keep a distance while you are hugging them tightly suggests that you are a bit uncomfortable and you are not sure about your feelings for them.


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