They say the secret to your personality is the length of this finger. Mine’s scary true!

If someone says that your personality can be read from your hands according to the shape of your fingers, I’m sure many people will say that that is silly and maybe stupid, but it is actually accurate. There are three types: A, B, and C.


This person is independent and much stronger than he or she really is. These people do not share feelings easily and are not very open. They hate lies, dishonesty, and hypocrisy. It goes against their beliefs. Once they connect to someone, they can be super fine and they are emotional, but very reserved when it comes to showing emotions. They like to help others and they have a big heart, and one of their characteristics is that they finish every task they receive. They can be cold with people they don’t feel connected with but are excessively emotional to their family and friends. They can be a bit arrogant and eccentric, but not very tolerant and they enjoy a good laugh, and their expressions can tell you all about their thoughts.


If you meet one of these people, your first impression would be that they are not the first one to approach you and they do not take actions. But they are devoted and loyal and have a very sensitive soul. They sometimes get the wrong idea about pretending that they don’t know anything in order to protect someone’s feelings. They will do the best they can to finish something until the end once they set their mind to do something. They are scared of getting hurt, and their dream is to find their soulmate. They never show when they need someone, and they have a self-confidence. Even when they feel extremely uncomfortable about something, they will stay calm.


If you do something that would upset them, don’t worry, they will easily forget it. They respect the opinions of other people. They dislike unfamiliar territories. When they have to deal with something that is new, and unknown, they are bothered. And when it comes to their problems and feelings, they are not very open, they like to keep them to themselves. They have a high ego when they argue with other people, but they apologize afterward. These people know what they like and what they dislike and are very straightforward. They also like other people to trust them and to depend on them.

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