Home remedy to erase all aging signs from your face

If you want to erase an aging sign from your face, all you need to do is prepare a home remedy. You need two steps for that. The first one is pack, and the second one is vitamin E oil.

For the first step, you will need four ingredients.

All you need is a plain toothpaste. You can use plain Colgate, but do not use a gel-based toothpaste. Next, you need tomato juice, vitamin E capsule, and aloe vera gel.

To prepare this remedy you need to take half spoon of toothpaste in a clean bowl, then you need to add half spoon of aloe vera gel, but make sure to add them in the same amount. After this, you need to add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule and one spoon of tomato juice and you need to mix all of this very well.

Clean your fingers, and then apply this mixture on the affected area with your fingers. You need to leave it for five minutes and then wash it off with cold water. And then dry your skin.

For the second step, you need to take few drops of vitamin E oil and apply them to your skin and leave it overnight. In the morning you need to wash your face.

You need to do this every night before you go to bed. If you want to see a visible difference in your skin then you need to do these two steps every other day for one month.

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