5 signs that prove you have an unhealthy vagina and what you can do about


If you have a healthy vagina that means that it contains a good amount of good bacteria that fights off infections and keeps the acidic pH balance. This is probably the reason why every woman is concerned about her vaginal health. The healthy vagina secrets are a small discharge to keep itself clean and are similar to the saliva in your mouth.

If you have an unhealthy vagina, you will have the following signs:

  • Lesions appearance;
  • Painful mucous membranes;
  • Itching;
  • Burning;
  • Pain after sexual activities;
  • A large amount of discharge.

Here are some solutions to how to keep your vagina healthy.

Preserve the Vaginal pH balance without douching;

The stage for infections can be set if douching interferes with the vagina’s pH levels. The ideal pH level is from 3.8 to 4.5. You need to see your gynecologist if your vagina smells bad because douching won’t solve the problem. The acidic pH level can be damaged with strong cleaning products.

Avoid junk food;

Dr. Rebecca Booth recommends that if you want your vagina to be healthy, the best way to keep it healthy is to avoid junk food, sugar, and carbohydrates in large quantities.

A healthy diet for vaginal health;

You need to drink a lot of fluids to keep your vagina healthy. To stay away from vaginal diseases you need to drink yogurt. One juice that is highly recommended is cranberry juice.

Safe sex;

If your partner uses a condom during sex that will ensure that you are not infected with sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.

Stop smoking;

To have a healthy vagina you need to stop smoking immediately. The good bacteria can be hurt by tar, nicotine, and smoke and can prompt blocked pores in your vagina. You need to allow your vagina to breathe.

Avoid antibiotics;

You need to take more kefir and yogurt, instead of antibiotics, to keep your yeast under control.

Choose natural clothing to stay dry;

Dr. Booth said that the vaginal skin is very fragile and you need to try at least to wear natural materials, like 100% cotton or silk. You will have an irritated skin if you wear synthetic materials which contain allergens and chemicals.

Rinse with water only;

The intimate hygiene gels are very popular but are not recommended by gynecologists. You need to wash your vagina with water which is a way to keep your pH level.

Be careful with soap;

You need to choose a soap that will distort your pH value. This is very important. The soap must not dry the skin. You can use soap with olive oil.

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