Does baking soda really kill dust mites?

Baking soda is a common leavening agent and it kills dust mites. But first, you need to know the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

They both are leavening agents, but they are very different in their chemical components.

Baking soda is a base and it has a reaction with other chemical components. It is used in baking to fluff up pastries and add depth. But if it is not mixed correctly, it can leave a metallic aftertaste.

Baking powder has baking soda in it which helps to initiate the chemical reactions required. But that is not the primary focus of baking powder, which is in baking. It is used to raise dough, but it leaves no metallic aftertaste.

The uses of baking soda

It is used in household cleaning solutions, to get stains out of the mattress, or to clean up the rug after the dog had an accident.

If you want to absorb a scent or clean a surface, baking soda is great at it, you just need to add a little water and then apply the paste to the affected area.

Instead of a fabric softener, you can throw in baking soda with a load of laundry. It helps in thoroughly cleaning the stained clothing, as well as taking out the smells that the washing machine keeps looking over.

How does baking soda work for pest control?

If baking soda is used to kill out the smell of your dog’s gift to the carpet, then just imagine what would that smell have done to the unwanted critters. An advice for an ant infestation is to sprinkle the entrances with baking soda. Just fill any cracks or holes in your home with baking soda to prevent ants from coming in. This also works with other pests and even with cockroaches.

The reason for this is the chemical reaction. Picture a Vinegar-Baking soda explosion, well, it is the same happening inside of an ant or cockroach. Each living creature naturally has an acid that combines with baking soda and it creates the volcano effect, only internally.

Baking soda is also useful because it dries up moisture.

Baking soda versus the dust mites

Method 1 – Sprinkle, Wait, Vacuum

All you need to do to get rid of dust mites is to sprinkle baking soda on the contaminated areas, leave it on the fabric for at least 15 minutes, and then take the vacuum and let it absorb the baking soda, along with the dust mites. Then just get the vacuum bag out of the house as quickly as possible, because otherwise, they will climb back out and head back to their favorite place.

Method 2 – Spray Essential Oils

For some people, the first method doesn’t work. Many people give other advice such as combining baking soda with an essential oil. For this to work, you need to mix the essential oils with water and then spray the mixture all over the affected areas. Here is a list of essential oils, and you can choose to focus on one, or you can put a drop or two of each of them: clove, lavender, wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Method 3 – Combination

Method 3 is a combination of the first and second method, using baking soda, essential oils and the vacuum cleaner.

You need to mix in about ½ of baking soda with a dozen drops of essential oils, but keep in mind that for this method it is best if you use multiple oils, and put the mixture all over the areas with dust mites.

But you need to leave the mixture to sit for up to an hour which is called a deep clean and with this, you can make sure that even the dust mites who are living deep in the threading are taken care of. After an hour is passed, get out the vacuum cleaner and suck up the buggers, and do not forget to get out the vacuum bag out of the house quickly!

You can use whichever method you want to. But just keep in mind that baking soda is abrasive and it may be damaging to delicate fabrics, but it is unhealthy to live with these dust mites, so choose any one of these methods and kick them out!

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