Neuroscientists have issued a warning – Here’s how much you should sleep if you’re a woman!

We all realize and know that sleep is essential for our bodies because that is the time when the body heals and repairs itself.

That is the reason why our overall health depends on sleep and rest. This is when our body synthesizes essential nutrients and it replenishes our organs and cells in order to get the energy we need and to prevent health issues.

Almost all scientists recommend an 8-hour sleep every night, but recent studies do not agree that 8 hours of sleep is enough for women. They think that women need more time to sleep because it will improve the look and quality of their skin.

Everyone knows that women and men are different in many ways, and because of the higher brain activity in females, their bodies require a longer sleep which is a way for their body to repair properly.

This is good news! Women, an advice, try to get more sleep!

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