The most common hair mistakes that you are making

Many women care about their hair’s appearance and they put in a lot of efforts to enhance the beauty of their hair. They take proper care of their hair by coloring it, trimming it and getting regular spas at the salon. But they still face problems like hair fall, split ends, hair thinning and many other problems. The reason is that they perform certain day to day activities wrong which leaves an impact on their hair.

If you want to get shiny smooth and beautiful hair then you need to avoid these common mistakes!

  1. You are using styling products too often;

Many women have a large number of hair styling products: hair straightening iron, hairdryer, hair gels, sprays, and mousses. And we all feel the need to quickly run the iron past our hair or to volumize it by blow-drying it when we go out. But you need to stop doing that because it is a wrong practice and it does great harm to your hair. The natural moisture of your hair is dried out and it is prone to breakage. And remember that if you continue using these heat and chemical based products, the texture of your hair will become worse.

  1. You are not shampooing your hair correctly;

Do you know that you need to brush your hair before wash it? And do you know what the correct way to apply shampoo is? The answer is not that you should apply directly the shampoo, you should take some shampoo in your palm, rub it to form foamy lather and apply the lather to your hair. And the amount of shampoo you should use depends upon the length of your hair. You mustn’t use your nails to massage your scalp, you should gently massage it with your fingertips. Follow this correct procedure, and you will not face intense hair fall.

  1. You are habitual of washing your hair too often;

Most women wash their hair almost every day and because of this, the hair is not healthy at all. But also washing your hair far too less can be harmful too. To judge how many time you need to wash your hair, you first need to know your hair type. If you have normal hair, washing it twice a week is more than enough, but if you have oily hair, you should wash it after every two days.

  1. You comb your hair too often;

Don’t be too harsh or aggressive while you comb your hair and don’t do it too often. Your hair can be damaged in the long run with aggressive and excessive combing and it will make your hair prone to breakage which will lead to hair fall. Another reason for hair fall is combing your hair when it is still wet, don’t do this. You need to untangle the strands with your fingertips, wait for them to dry out and brush them gently. It is best if you always use a broad-toothed comb.

  1. You hold your hair dryer at the wrong angle;

Even the incorrect usage of your hairdryer can damage your hair and make it thinner. The best way to use it correctly is to first towel dry your wet hair and do not push the temperature to the maximum, keep it at medium and run it over your hair from root to tip. The protein in your hair will be destroyed if you increase the temperature too much and make sure do not make contact with the hairdryer on your scalp because it can burn your hair. If you have short hair, you need to use the hairdryer for 2 to 3 minutes, if it is longer, use it for not more than 5 minutes. And to soothe your scalp, blast some cold air through the hair.

  1. You don’t eat your meals timely;

If you want to maintain a good hair and a healthy body, then you need to be careful of your diet. Not taking a balanced diet leads to your hair not getting its necessary supply of vitamins and minerals, which can also happen if you take a balanced diet, but the quality of your hair might reduce. This can happen because you don’t eat your meals on time and not doing that affects the overall functioning of your body which can lead to sudden hair loss. To improve your hair naturally, you might want to try to include eggs, meat, vegetables, lentils, fruits, and nut in your diet.

  1. You don’t wear a cap or a hat;

You must always protect your hair when you go out in the sun because the harmful UV rays of the sun damage your hair follicles and can cause unexpected hair loss. You can always cover your hair with a scarf or wear a cap.

  1. You let your hair down when you sleep;

You must always tie your hair before going to bed if your hair is long or with a medium length in order to not get poorly tangled in the morning. Not many women like braids, but you can tie a loose one and you will be soon habitual of it. This will restore your hair follicles strength and the texture will be intact.

  1. You have not cleaned your comb in months.

Do you know that many people have dirty combs and do not wash their comb for months? As a result of this, when you brush your hair you actually pump dirt into it. Stop pulling the excess hair out of your comb and then re-use it, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water once a week. Doing this your comb will be sterilized and your hair will be kept clean and healthy.


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